Pathways Speech Therapy

Specialising in dysfluency


Based in Cheshire, and covering north-west England, Pathways Speech Therapy is an independent speech therapy practice, which specialises in dysfluency.


My name is Kirsten Howells, and I am passionate about helping people with selective mutism or those who stammer, stutter, clutter, or experience other forms of speech dysfluency, achieve their communication potential and participate fully in school, work and social life. 


I work directly with adults and children with fluency differences, both one-to-one and in groups, as well as working with employers, teachers, parents, siblings, and nursery staff. Therapy services are offered throughout the north-west, and teletherapy using services such as Skype is also an option where appropriate.


If you are concerned about your own or a loved one's speech fluency or its effects, please contact me for a free initial discussion.

Pathways Speech Therapy


Specialising in dysfluency




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